7 Christian New Year’s Resolutions

These 7 Christian New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t necessarily have to be in this order


1. Try to love all humans a little more this year. God said you are a liar if you say you love him, unless you love all humans first.

2. Put a little more focus God and Jesus laws and teachings. I know some of these laws and teaching are difficult if not impossible to follow.

3. Don’t abandon God and Jesus when dreadful things happen in your life, and/or when things don’t go the way you want them to go.

4. Try to avoid burnout, put a day aside each week just for yourself. Let someone else do the duties you normally do on that day.

5. Watch the words and language you use, there is a kind way to talk to people. Especially since everyone is someone you love, or should love.

6. Be faithful and true to God and Jesus always, because they are always faithful and true to you. In other words, don’t lie.

7. Try not to get so angry this year, take a deep breath before you react. Getting angry hurts, you more than the person you are angry at.

There are hundreds of christian new year’s resolutions you could make, but keep it small. This way you may be able to achieve them all. In any case do the best you can, if you fail to achieve some of these resolutions, take a break and start all over again.

by: Matt B.  Photo by:  flickr.com Dana Thornbury

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