How To Hear God’s Voice

I know there are times when you wanted to talk to God, and hear him speak back to you, but you never heard a word from God. You need to know how to hear God’s voice.


The truth is God is talking to you every day, the problem is his voice is not familiar to you, so you don’t know his voice from all of the other voices and sounds around you. Mark and Patti Virkler wrote a book titled “4 keys to hearing God’s voice, this book will teach you how to hear God’s voice.

The authors of this book say, “they are going to make hearing God’s voice very easy for you”. One of the authors said “they did not hear God’s voice for the first ten years of their Christian life and now they have been teaching people how to hear God’s voice for the past thirty years.

Watch the video below



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So if it seems God just is not answering your prayers and things are not going the way you would like them too. Do you get a little upset when people say God talked to them or God answered their prayers? Order the book today so you can start to hear God’s voice, then your life can start changing.

by: Jason S.  Photo by: John Muratori Ministries

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