Pride Is Sin

The title of this post is “Pride is Sin”, it could have been titled pride is good or pride is bad, in either case it is not good for you, because pride is sin.


The sin pride made Satan rebel against God, it is the same sin that keeps man from turning to God. Pride is an awful sin, but it is hardly ever thought of as a negative like murder, theft or adultery.

From the beginning man has always encouraged and celebrated pride. Man has always said be proud of your achievements, talents, and success. Pride is frequently confused with other Christian qualities. Very few men every think that all the achievements, talents, and success are from God and not from man.

Pride is usually found in people who have wealth and/or a position of authority. The original writer of this post is Dr Benjamin Cheah. He said he worked in management for a few years, he was in charge so he had people working under him. He said on a few occasions he did feel a little proud of his position.

Dr Benjamin Cheah said he saw other senior staff members begin to take pleasure in their position of authority, they even began to strive for it and hold on to it. All of this is connected with pride. The only way a person can be proud, is you have more wealth and/or authority than others.

Dr Benjamin Cheah was asked by some senior management doctors what he thought about leadership. He explained leadership is overvalued, he felt it is more important to learn how to follow and serve, because leadership is not important.

Pride” is mentioned 46 times in the King James Bible. “Proud” is mentioned 47 times. A study of each time these words appear in the bible will lead to only one conclusion: They are never spoken of positively, only as sin and evil.

Here is a short video by Ravi Zacharias, a Christian born apologist comments on Christian leaders and pride.

Sources: Bible Based Medicine

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