Tell Her You Love Her

I ran across an article on the internet the other day, it was originally written in 2016. The article is titled “Tell Her You Love Her”, written by Rusty Wright.


Mr. Wright give his permission to editors to republish his articles. I made a few changes to it because Google don’t like it when you republish an article that is already on the internet. So, here it is below.

Tell Her You Love Her

Mr. Wright wrote, my wife, Meg Korpi, was dying of cancer, a friend of mine offered me some advice I’m glad I followed his advice.

My friend name is “Hutch” Hutchins, he told me I should write a letter to her, saying what she’s meant to me and how much I love her. I should frame it, give it to her, and read it to her personally.

Meg was on home hospice care after a 3 ½ year struggle with ovarian cancer. I was her main caregiver – a stressful, 24/7 obligation – and I was reeling with fatigue. But his advice clicked. I read the letter to her on May 21, our 16th anniversary.

It had an encouraging effect…calming, soothing. She appeared at peace, contented, with up-lifting spirits. It was one of her last lucid days before dying a month later.

Letter to a Queen

Meg was a rare jewel. In her wedding vows, she had said she wanted me to feel like “the most blessed man alive to be married to” her. I did. In this tribute, I told her that in her, God gave me:

• A gorgeous bundle of fun, adventure, character, and faith
• A godly woman who walks closely with Him
• A faithful friend – my very best friend – and companion
• A keen mind to help me think through life’s sometimes perplexing issues
• A wise counselor with sound advice at crucial junctures
• A determined spirit to prompt me to reconsider my course when needed
• A sweet lover (Whew!)
• A fun woman, whose sense of humor brings delight. I love to laugh with you!

Thank you for loving me unconditionally; for admiring and respecting me; for caring and uplifting; for listening to my heart; for sharing my pleasures and hurts; for looking out for my interests; for being there through good and bad times; for facing life with me as long as we both shall live. I love you very much, and am forever grateful to be your husband.


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