What Is Christianity Supposed To Look Like?

We use the word ‘Christianity’ a lot, and we sometimes forget what it means, and what is Christianity supposed to look like?


Some people think a Christian is someone who reads their bible out loud on the street corners and/or always trying to start religious meetings.

Most people who are non-Christians assumes Christianity makes people look nerdy and Christians can’t really have fun or enjoy themselves. Christians understand they are not perfect but most non-Christians believe they should be, and they should not be Christians if they are not perfect.

If you are a Christian keep in mind that you are being observed very closely by non-Christians. If you stump your toe or spill a drink on your lap, try very hard not to say the word ‘shit’, because if you say that word people are going to say “and I thought he/she was a Christian.

Only Christians know that Christianity is a way of life, it’s all about what you believe. The difference between Christianity and other religions is who and what you believe in. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of the almighty God, who died for our sins.

Christians do not look any difference than other people, but they are different in many ways. Christians live by faith. To live by faith, you must understand all your righteous deeds are worthless and only faith in Jesus will save you. By living in this manner, you will be showing the world what Christianity is supposed to look like?

Christians know while it is good to do good deeds, but to demonstrate what is Christianity supposed to look like? You must go a step farther. You must believe there is no other way to obtained eternal life in heaven except through Jesus

Some people say they are Christians but don’t really show it and some are not Christians at all. They want people to think Christians are just like everybody else, and there’s nothing different about being a Christian.

Some non-Christians do recognize there is a difference between Christians and non-Christians. The fact is some of these people are nervous when they are around Christians, demonstrates Christian’s do show the world what Christianity is supposed to look like?

All Christians share the same faith but there is a difference between each Christians, also some Christians do bad thing sometimes. You do not have to be perfect to be a Christian, in fact no one is perfect, but you must try to obey God and Jesus’ commends as best as you can.

by: Sandra K.  Photo by:   pixabay.com

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