Do Affairs Ever Work Out In A Marriage?

Greeting Brothers and Sisters, may God bless every one of us, on this beautiful day. I have a message from God to give to someone. Titled do affairs ever work out in a marriage?

I am glad you do not know me because if you did know me, you would not read this message.
You see, I am not the kind of person you would expect God to use to write this message. I am highly honored that God chose me, I see this as God saying to me “I still love you”. I am not going to go into my past, but I have knowingly, willingly, and continually committed the worst sins on earth.

This message is for the married person that is contemplating on having an affair. The question is “Do affairs ever work out in a marriage?” The answer is NO, although the couple may remain together they will not be spiritually married anymore.

Most people think of a marriage as meeting your future spouse, getting legally married to your spouse, and that’s it. And that is all it takes for an earthly marriage, but marriages were not made on earth, all marriages come from God, and he has rules both partners must obey in order to get married. Some of us don’t obey God’s rules, yet we expect God to bless our so-called-marriage, but he will not. So, we go on thinking we are spiritually married when in reality we are only legally (worldly) married.

Spiritual marriages do not come from the county records building, spiritual marriages come from God. As soon as God hears the word “Marriage” he sends an angel immediately to find out the details and report back to him. He wants to know if the couple qualifies to be married to each other.

The marriage will not be a spiritual marriage if the couple had sex with each other before the marriage took place, or if one or both partners did not truly love one another, I am talking about real love and not infatuations from having sexual intercourse. And believe me, a lot of earthly marriages started from having sex.

For all couples that are candidates for marriage, God will send that couple a marriage with all of its blessings. Some of the blessing for a marriage is an emotion and a caring feeling for each spouse, this new feeling will bring them closer together and cause them to have a deep love for each other.

God only gives marriages to couples (two people), any other arrangement will disqualify it for a spiritual marriage and God will not give his blessing to the so-called-marriage. The couple will still be legally (worldly) married to each other, but not spiritually married.

When one of the spouses has an affair, they unknowingly bring another person home with them, to always be between them and their spouse for as long as they stay together. Imagine what it would be like to have a stranger sleep between you and your spouse every night for as long as you two remain together.

Since God only give marriages to couples (two people), but now you have a threesome. Now that loving couple has become a miserable threesome, and God will immediately remove the marriage blessings from that threesome. The couple may decide to stay together, but they will not be spiritually married anymore, they will just be spiritually shacking up together.

I did not want to be the one to bring bad news, but I have to do what God tells me to do. If your spouse had an affair and you knew it or if your spouse had an affair and you do not know it, your spiritual marriage is over in either case, and both of you will probably know it soon.

Some couples in this situation separate, since it is no longer a spiritual marriage, and some couples stay together. Some couples stay together for financial reasons, children, other reasons, and some just do not want to look for another mate. But staying together is a disadvantage for the spouse who did not have an affair.

Here is how it happens, one of the spouses have an affair for some reason or another, which immediately destroys the spiritual marriage, but neither spouse is aware of it, at that time. Also, at the same time, the spouse who did not have an affair loses the emotions and a caring feeling that came with the marriage.

While the spouse who had the affair may want things to return to the way they were before the affair. Because that spouse does not understand what they have done to the other spouse, they have literally ripped the heart out of the other spouse. The betrayed spouse can never love the other spouse as they used to, no matter how hard may they try.

If the couple should decide to remain legally married, although they will not be spiritually married, they can still squeeze a comfortable life out of the situation. Should the spouse which did not have the affair decide to leave the marriage, they should not be discouraged in any way by anyone.

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