Do Not Be Unequally Yoked, If Possible

Do not be unequally yoked, there are other occasions where you should not be, but especially in marriage.

You can date a person or even shack up with a person, it will be against God’s laws and commandments, but God will not be directly involved in it. Now, when you go and drag God into it by getting married, this is a whole different story.

Having sex without marriage is called fornication, while that is a sin, God will not be directly involved in it. When it comes to sexual relations ships between a man and woman, God commandments states they must be married to each other, and then God will be involved in the marriage.

If you are a true believer in God and the person you plan to marry is not, this will be an unpleasant marriage and it will not reach its full potential. The problem is the unbelieving partner will not be able to live a Godly life because God is not in their life.

How can you tell if your future spouse is Godly, well you cannot tell by just looking at them? You will have to really get to know them, it may take years for you to know the true type of person they really are. You cannot have sexual intercourse with your future spouse or anyone else until you two are married to each other.

A person who is not a true believer does not have the holy spirit, so they cannot see or understand God’s way of life. The other spouse is wondering why we can’t live a peaceful life instead of this miserable life, that you want us to live.

That spouse is living a worldly life because that is the only life they know; they have no idea that a peaceful life exists. You can pray for them, but you cannot change them, Jesus may change them somewhere down the line, then again, he may not change them.

My spouse and I lived an unequally yoked life, she loved to go to the religious worship services every Sunday and again on one night each week. Most of the time I would go to the worship services on Sunday, but I thought going on a weeknight was a bit too much.

I only went to Sunday worship services with my wife, because she enjoyed it when I went with her. I loved my wife, and I did not want to disappoint her. I did not get anything out of attending the worship services, as a matter of fact, they were boring, so, I was glad when they ended.

Now I can see what she was trying to tell me back then, I am sorry she had to live such a miserable life with me. She died about six years ago. I am sure she would have lived a much better life if she would have married someone who is a believer like she was.

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