How Deep Is God’s Love For Us?

I got this message from God to pass along to everyone, the time is approaching when either I or everyone will cease to exist as we do today. I now know just how deep is God’s love for us?

Who am I to be receiving or delivering messages from God. I am a terrible sinner, lately, I strangely wrote to myself these words, “There is nothing good about me”. No, I have never written to myself before, and if I had it sure would not be that because there is a possibility those words I wrote about myself are true. Yes, I just kept on writing insulting statements to myself.

I knew right away that something was very wrong. The first thing that came to mind was I am going to need Jesus’ help. Ordinarily, I would have tried to find another solution to that problem. In this case, I knew I needed Jesus. You see I knew Jesus some years back, I loved the peace he gave me, but somehow our ways parted.

That day I ask Jesus to come into my heart and clean it up, and he did right away. NOTE, that I had asked Jesus to come into my heart more than once before. Back then I do not know if he came into my life or not, because I never gave it much effort to actually get to know Jesus.

Now you are saying I am an evil person, guess what, you are right. Let tell you a little bit about myself. I do not remember too much about my childhood except we were very poor, and my mother taking us to church, and us kids having fun afterward. I was an honorable discharge from the US army. After that, I just wandered around for a few years.

I married my now deceased wife in 1988, we got married, she already had three children, and we had a child together. I loved her and her three beautiful children, we had our ups and downs along the way. If I had known then what I know now, I would have been the world’s best husband and father, instead, I gave them grief.

I had a job working forty hours a week and I bought a house for my beautiful wife and children. She was a religious woman, and sometimes I would go to the religious services with her, never have been much of a churchman myself, although I tried it just did not work out.

I have no excuse for my situation, but I believe some of these religious worship places are unable to help today’s would-be Christians because of old traditions, etc.., but most importantly they have lost contact with people, the same people they are supposed to be helping.

I was sitting at the dining room table using my laptop when this all started. All of a sudden I woke up to find myself at the door’s to hell, I immediately knew where I was, but I did not know how I got there. And I was closer to hell’s door than any of the sinners which were down in that hole with me. I knew I had done some sinful deeds, but I had always thought there was someone somewhere on earth who was a worse sinner than me.

As I stood there near the door’s to hell, I thought to myself “what about the murders, burglars, and rapists. There were not any of them down near me. You see, I never did any of those sins. When I asked God about all of the murders, burglars, and rapists, his answer was “How many people do you see down near hell’s door with you”. I knew I was the only person down there and I knew he knew that too. I did not answer his question. I took that to mean whatever their sins were, they were not as bad as mine.

I sensed that everyone down here was also God’s children and he loved them very much. Will this make God’s lost children come back home, I hope it will. I now know just how deep is God’s love for us?

I also sensed my purpose for being there was to be used by God, even though I am worthless. Some of the people down there with me although though they were sinners, their sins were not as bad as mine. They had done great works in the name of God. God wants everyone out of there now or ASAP for some reason.

God was saying to all of his children down there, if I can raise a worthless man out of here, just imagine what I could do with people who are not worthless, people who long to do my will, just ask me to help you come back home so you can rest.

I believe I got the best blessing and a great lesson out of this ordeal. I asked Jesus to save me and he did, knowing I am worthless. When God rescues his other children out of this hole it will be because he loves them and they will do greater works for his kingdom, stuff that I am worthless to do.

I know this message is mostly for me. But it will not hurt if everyone checks the content of their hearts and minds, there may be some unwanted stuff lurking there. Get ready and stay ready, something that we may not be ready for is about to happen.

by: Me

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