Making God Confirm To Our Rules And Laws

Just how far do you think we are going to go now that we are making God conform to our rules and laws.

Actually, we had no choice but to make God conform to our rules and laws. Take me for instance, the woman I married was a divorcee, God laws state “a man cannot marry a divorced woman”.

Guess what I married her anyway, who is God to be telling us, humans, what to do. God also came up with another law that reads something like this “a man and a woman cannot have sex together unless they are married to each other”.

We have changed that law too, today you can have sex with your partner while dating. You can also have sex with your partner without ever getting married, its called shacking up (God calls it fornication) We are making this life a lot easier for us humans to live.

If you should happen to get married and at some point down the road, you want to get rid of your spouse, just get a divorce, its OK with us, we will not hold you accountable for said action. Even today we are still changing God’s laws, to better mankind.

Why would anyone make such a law as “do not murder”? That is part of living, we do that every day, one way or another. Not to mention all of the other laws God came up with just to burden us down with, for crying out loud, cut us, humans, some slack.

If the second greatest commandment has you confused you, let us good humans explain it the way it should have always been. The second greatest commandment states “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Well, we all know that is absurd.

We have to change it to state “help your neighbors if you can, but do not go out of your way to help”. If you see some injustice being done to your neighbor, do not get involved in it, just turn your head as if you did not see anything happening.

As for all of this hatred and racism going on today, we love it, as you can see we have not done anything to stop it, and we will continue to do nothing but fuel our own sinful desires. There is a good chance you will find me at this Sunday worship services, I want everyone to see how religious I am.

Yea, we got it going on here on this old earth, because we control everything and everyone on this planet, so God better step aside if he does not want to be cast into hell, and believe me, we will do it. Just to show you our kindness and goodness, we let some people on this earth starve to death every day and we think nothing of it.

I myself am not a religious worship service person so I do not know, but I have heard it said if a person confesses their sins and ask Jesus to forgive their sins, he will, and their record will be clean, of all the sins they have ever committed.

That is welcomed news for me, for I am a terrible sinner. You see, I was in a terrible situation because of all my sins. God got me out of that awful situation, but I must have misunderstood what God said to me. For I thought God had looked me straight in my eyes and said to me “You are going to give an account for all of your sins”.

God sometimes takes me back to some of my many sins where I may have hurt someone in the process of sinning. It hurts me so bad to have to relive that sinful event all over again, I regret I ever committed such sins, but there is nothing I can do about it now.

The reason I am being punished for my sins, is because I knew the things, I did was a sin, but I did them anyway, and God does deal with me differently than he does with most people. God probably will forgive you for your sins without punishing you.

by: Me

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