Prayer For A Better Day Tomorrow

There is an old saying that goes something like this ‘it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

I think most people used that phrase when referring to home, auto, and most other types of insurance. when referring to home, auto, and most other types of insurance.

So likewise, it’s good to have a prayer for a better day tomorrow than not have one. What I am trying to say is you should always pray, although your prayers sometimes may not be answered, you should still pray anyway.

There is a verse in the Bible Isaiah 38:5 – That reads something like this “A man named Hezekiah had been praying to live longer. A message appeared to Isaiah to go and tell Hezekiah that the Lord has heard his prayers and 15 more years will be added to your life.

Hezekiah got 15 more years added to his life because he was faithful and he prayed to live longer, but by the same token, he could have prayed but did not live any longer. It is up to God to answer your prayers and give you what he thinks is best for you.

Let’s say you have a loved one who is very ill or who have been in a serious accident, and you pray for them to recover, but they don’t recover and die. Don’t get mad at God and don’t stop praying to God for what you need, even though he did not give you what you prayed for this time.

As humans, we want to make God work in our favor, so most bible translation has removed this verse, Luke 11:2 ‘let your will be done on earth and in Heaven’, from the bible. So, now when we pray, we don’t have to care about what God wants anymore, it’s just what we want.

I would strongly suggest you put that phrase back into your prayer. No matter what you pray for, if it is not God’s will, your prayers won’t be answered. We have gotten to the point where if we don’t like what God said, we can just delete it and God is OK with it.

Have you ever prayed for something and it did not come to pass, that is probably because what you prayed for was not God’s will for you. But while you were praying for whatever it was you were praying for, did not say to God, if it is your will, let it be done.

When I was growing up the King James Version was the only bible we had and the phrase ‘let your will be done on earth and in Heaven’ was and still is in that version. But I guess as us well to do Christians advanced and we wanted to lure more people into our religious congregation, we had to make some changes.

Us good Christians started using the phrase; Luke 11:9 ‘Ask and you will get what you ask for’. So now with this new phrase, it seems that whatever you pray for; you will receive it. People will be more willing to join your religious congregation if they are going to get whatever they pray for.

It is sad to tell people that but if you told them the truth, you probably would have an empty church building.

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