Secrets To A Great World And Marriage

In the words of Michael Jackson” If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change,

I am the type of person who complains sometimes about almost anything, and I can usually find fault in other people and things. One day I took a good look at myself in the mirror, and to my surprise, I saw this miserable-looking person staring back at me, and this miserable-looking person is what everyone else sees when they looked at me. That is why I came up with secrets to a great world and marriage.

I have come to the conclusion that I and all of the people like me are the ones that make life on this earth unpleasant, for everyone else. After carefully examining myself and talking with God I came up with this conclusion “Just be happy and ensure that other people are happy too.

Let people do whatever they want to do, if it is not dangerous or harmful in any way, let people worship whoever that want to worship, even if you do not like their religion, let people marry whoever they want to marry if the marriage is sanctioned by God. If the marriage is not sanctioned by God It will not have the blessing that comes with marriage, and as for as God is concerned we are just legally shacking up.

While we are talking about marriages, I think you should know any marriage that resulted from the couple having sex before marriage, is not considered a marriage by God. Plus, there is a high possibility the person you are with is not the right person for you, which will make you and your spouse’s life a little more uncomfortable.

A marriage is be based on love alone. Some people think infatuations from having sex is love, but it is not. The worst thing anyone can do is have a so-called-marriage with someone just for the sake of being married, or wealth, or sex, or anything other reasons other than love. Can you truthfully say you love the person you are with now when you are all alone by yourself. Or would have married that person if they were Indigent, you probably would not have taken the time to get to know such person. There are not many things God takes as seriously as he does a marriage.

OK, so we had sex before we were married (or what we called a marriage}. No, we did not get God’s marriage blessings, but still, God has been very kind to us, I know it could have been much better, but I am not complaining about it. Couples like us who could not wait for marriage to have sex has an obligation to tell other marriage candidates to first pray to God about their marriage, their future spouse, and do not have sex with your future spouse or anyone until you and your future are married to each other, that my friend is our duty.

We should stay together with our spouse especially If we have children, although we are not spiritual married, we can put a little extra effort into our togetherness, and we can make it work. God does not enjoy this happening to anyone, it’s just his rules and laws that he cannot change even if he wanted to because in reality, we are not spiritually married. In that case, we are committing fornication, and we will have to give an account for committing such a sin.

Off of the marriage stuff, I have discovered if I smile a lot other people will start smiling too, and that makes life a lot smoother when you meet smiling people and do not be thinking something must be wrong with them because they are smiling, it’s just love.

Also, when you approach someone give them a smile, greeting, or some other nice gesture. When you go to Jesus and ask him to come into your life, and if he does you will be more concerned about other people’s wellbeing, it will feel like a big load has been lifted off of your life, you will be able to really breathe again.

If we are not a child of God, there is a good chance our life is not flowing smoothly, and we will not be able to experience all of the love, peace, and beauty of this world. But remember we can always, and at anytime become a child of God. God does not treat all individuals the same he meets us wherever we are.

So, how do I become a child of God? First of all, we have to ask Jesus to come into our life, we do not have to stop during the things we do now, all at once. We can become a child of God even if we did have sex before we had our so-called-marriage. We have to seriously want and need Jesus in our life, otherwise, he will not come into our life no matter how hard or long we ask him (pray).

This is from experience, because of bad situations (and not because I seriously wanted or needed Jesus in my life). I ask Jesus to come into my life for over twenty years and he never showed up. About six months ago God had to literally place me a few feet away from hell’s door before I finally got serious, and now Jesus (the holy spirit)) is in my life, and I love it. So, you can take it from there. Have a happy life, a happy marriage, or at least a manageable couple (family) togetherness, and I will see you in heaven.

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