Should Christians Have Inquiring Minds?

I think if someone sees something wrong with the writing or inaccuracy in the bible they should point it out to everyone.

So other bible readers will not get confused when they read that part of the bible. Some Christians know there are inaccuracies in the bible, but they are unable to mention it because other church people may get angry at them for thinking.

Since we know that the writers of the bible are humans, then there are going to be some variations in what they write. Most People who attend worship services often read the bible without having an inquiring mind, They believe if it is written in the bible, that has to be the way it happened. They never stop to consider that there is something wrong here, one book says one thing and another book says something different about the same incident.

Most religious preachers and teachers won’t explain the difference between the two versions, or maybe they don’t know themselves, or maybe they don’t care if the members understand or not. After all, churches are becoming more and more like all businesses, it’s all about making a profit.

I have listed a topic below, that has two different versions about the same incident and we know they both are not true unless Jesus was crucified twice. The writers Luke or Mark must have written from different manuscripts when they wrote these books. Since men wrote the bible there are probably other mistakes in the bible like one I’ve listed here. Have you ever asked yourself about that?

The topic is about what the men who were crucified with Jesus said:
Mark 15: 32 – Some of the people at the crucifixion was saying if he is the king of Israel, then why doesn’t he get off the cross, and then they would believe he was who he said he was. The men who were crucified with Jesus also said bad things about him.

Luke 23: 39 – One of the men who was crucified with Jesus said if you are the Messiah why don’t you save yourself and save us too.
40- The other man who was also crucified with Jesus said to the man who insulted Jesus don’t talk to him like that. You and I are being crucified because we are criminals, but Jesus has not done anything wrong.

I do not know who decided which books should be included in the bible, but that person may have thought there is too much good information in both books (Mark & Luke), to leave one out just because of 1 or 2 incorrect verses. I understand this type of situation, where you make a decision based on what you think is best.

The reason God said he will put his word in our hearts is that he knew that men were going to make mistakes writing and assembling the bible. I just wish everyone who reads the bible would admit there are errors in the bible. Since you have a mind you may as well use it.

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