There Is Really A Heaven On Earth

There is a different world out here, and I never knew it existed. And yes, there is really a heaven on earth.

I had heard some talk about this place, but I never took it seriously. It hurts to think that some people have been enjoying this heaven on earth for a long time, and I am just discovering this place. I thought you had to be a religious person to live in this heaven on earth.

There are a lot of people that will miss this place (Heaven on earth) because they never knew this place existed either. It is a wonderful place where you can rest your soul, and find true peace in spite of all the bad things that are happening in this old world today. And at the same time, this different world runs parallel at the same pace as the old world.

You can still associate with some of the people you are used to associating with whether they are in this different world or not. You can also still visit some of the places you used to visit, the main thing that changes significantly is your mind and heart. This is not hard to do if you have Jesus in your life.

You can only get to this place through Jesus. So, there is got to be something wrong with the way we are telling our brothers and sisters to find Jesus because they are not coming in large numbers to live in this wonderful different world as they should.

You just have to make it to this place to find some love, because there is absolutely no love in that old world, people in the old world will say they love you, but they are lying, you can tell by what is happening in the old world today. If there was any love here at all, the hatred, killing, and racism would end immediately, but the old world is without love and has been for a long time, although people will not admit it, God is keeping a record of how bad we are doing, and there is a price to pay for our actions.

I have always long for a place like this, but I had no idea of its existence or how to get here if it did exist because I am such a hardened sinner. There were some people talking about God, Jesus, and going to Heaven, but it did not touch me like it is not touching a lot of other people in this old world.

You may just ask Jesus to come into your life and he will come into your life and save you. But since I am such a hardened low life sinner, that did not work for me. God had to place me a few feet away from hell’s doors, actually, that is where sinners like me should be, before I finally realized I was the worse sinner on earth, and I was desperately in need of Jesus’s love. And to think I was walking around here in this old world thinking everything is OK.

If the Holy Spirit (God, Jesus) is truly in your heart, you will know it, there is a calming feeling that will take over your life, and you will find yourself in this new world (Heaven on earth). I used to be in a hurry all the time, but now I have slowed down, and thank God because I really enjoy life now. I used to worry about things that I had very little control over, but I do not anymore and thank God for that too.

No matter how or when you meet Jesus, make sure you get to know him very personally, learn who he really is, and his way of doing things, read or have someone discuss the bible with you because this will be your weapon against the Devil.

I guess because I am such a hardened sinner, the closer I get to Jesus, the more Satan is attempting to attack my mind, but Jesus gives me the strength to suppress these earthly desires that Satan wants me to participate in. I know I have to be more stronger now because I fell back into those earthly sins. I ask Jesus to forgive me, and he did, but I knew in my heart, I willingly gave in to those sins.

I don’t know if the devil attacks the mind of other people as they get closer to Jesus, so don’t let that stop you from getting close to Jesus. The Devil has been attempting to attack my mind a lot nowadays, one day he tried to trick me by telling me that he was Jesus and Jesus was him, and if I had not known Jesus as I do, it would have worked. The holy spirit is your personal protection that God gave you, so, hold on to it desperately.

by: Me | Photo: Max Pixels

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