Why Did Jesus Come To Earth?

I am going to tell you why Jesus came to earth? Without going through a lot of religious jargon.

In the beginning, there were three separate spiritual individuals living in heaven, God, Jesus, and the holy spirit, with God being the leader. Personally I don’t know how these three spiritual individuals came to be, you can ask your religious teacher about that. After all, this is not what this article is about.

God created spirit beings in heaven, they were called Angeles. Now, God’s original plan for the earth was to create a large number of people to praise and worship him for giving them such a wonderful world to live in, in return, he would be their God (leader) he would give them food to eat, water to drink and make their lives easy on the earth.

So, one day God created man, he was pleased with his creation of man, he liked man a lot, as a matter of fact, he loved the man more than the angels. One of the angels in heaven didn’t like God’s plan for the earth concerning man, that angel was known as “son of the dawn” (Satan, Lucifer, Devil, etc…)

Satan is a very intelligent Angel, he knows all of God’s laws and rules very well. One day he and some other angels rebelled against God, Satan was angry because God loved the man more than he loved him (Satan). So, God threw him and his friends out of heaven down to earth.

Although God threw Satan out of heaven, he still loved him, so, God let Satan become ruler of the earth. Satan is much more powerful than man, and he began to trick the man into doing, saying, and thinking about things that were against God’s laws and rules. The evil things man started doing was called sin by God.

Once sin came into the world, (through Adam). When Adam sinned, sin entered into the world. Adam’s sin brought death, so death spread to everyone, for everyone sinned. God knew he had to remove sin from this world. God had to find a way to break Satan’s evil hold on this world. This was not the way God had wanted it to be.

God’s original law states that if you sin you must die ( a spiritual and physical death). Satan knows this law very well, and he probably reminded God about his own law, knowing there was no man on earth who could destroy sin. To destroy sin a person would have to pay the ultimate price of sin, which is death. But that same person must come back to life after dying.

The earth was then and still is in a mess. Everyone is doing their own thing their own way, which is not the way God intended for man to live. So, Jesus (the Messiah) was born to a young woman named Mary. This was not the usual pregnancy, where a man and woman have sexual intercourse and a child is born.

We already know that a human can’t come back alive after dying, so does Satan. In order for the grip of death to be broken from man, a man had to die and come back to life after death. With this knowledge in hand, Satan knew he would never be dethroned because no man who could do that existed.

At that time John the Baptist and some other people were going around from town to town telling people about Jesus (the Savior) and the good news. When we die it will be a physical death for everyone, but not everyone will die a spiritual death.

After Jesus was born and grew older, he would travel from city to city preaching the word and telling everyone the good news. In his time on earth, he healed the sick, feed the hungry, and comforted the poor/weary. Although Jesus did lots of preaching, teaching, and performing miracles here on earth, that is not the main reason he came to earth.

Now, some religious scholars will say “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” And another one is “He came to tell men to repent of their sins and believe in Him’. While both are true, that is not the main reason Jesus came to earth. Keep in mind when I say a man who can come back to life after death, I am referring to spiritual and physical death.

Jesus went on a long hard brutal trip just to die, which is why he was born. Here is the situation God has got to get a plan to remove Satan’s sting of death from his people. Well, to do that according to God’s own law, (The penalty for sin is spiritual death). Some humans would have to take the sins of the whole world on himself, then die and come back to life again, which is impossible for humans.

We are all on this earth for some purpose, Jesus purpose was to come to earth to die. God didn’t make this decision overnight, it took years. What Satan didn’t know was God was going to put his heavenly spirit into a human body, that could not die a spiritual or physical death.

This was particularly hard for Jesus, he was separated from God because of the many sins he carried (our sins), he was insulted by humans (the very ones he was dying for), and if that’s not enough he had to watch Satan over in the corner laughing at him as he hung on the cross, while God just stood by and let it happen.

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